REVIEW: Munchachos Subscription Box

First things first – a really eye-catching box, decorated with round the world images which immediately tell you that this is going to be a varied selection. The box fits through the letterbox too. A good first impression makes such a difference.  As implied by the box, Munchachos are set apart from other subscription boxes by the global theme which encourages children to explore different tastes and to discover more about the countries they come from.  Each box contains five different snacks inspired by flavours from around the world , opening a portal to a new world of taste and discovery. Children can be conservative in their tastes, so these snack-sized treats are a great way to encourage them to widen out in their eating choices. Each pack is created by nutritionists especially for Munchachos, so the packaging is the same for each product.  They are attractively packed in uniform cellophane bags, labelled with a ‘postage stamp’ featuring a scene from the appropriate country plus a product name. The bags will fit really well into school lunchboxes and the healthy nature of the product (no added sugar or salt) means schools will be happy to accept them. For the full description, you need to look at the accompanying leaflet, which describes the product and its origin (there’s definitely a sense of humour in evidence as products include such items as in-seine-ly delicious Chomps Elise).

Each pack weighs 20g and there’s a full ingredients list, including allergens highlighted, plus nutritional labelling.  We received fajita flavoured tortilla pieces, cheese and tomato baguettes, chicken flavour noodles, dried mango, pineapple and coconut, and puffed spelt and dried apple pieces – the pieces in each case are really small. My one reservation is a slight disappointment over the use-by dates – our pack was received in late March with use-by dates of the end of April; it would have been good to have longer dates.

The fun learning element comes when children download the free app to create their very own World of Munchachos. This encourages them to gather fun facts as they ‘travel’ the world, playing great new games, possibly winning prizes, and unlocking new Munchachos, and more. The boxes cost just £4.99 each (April 2019) and subscribing is simple – just create your profile and the Munchachos at HQ will prepare your very own box every week. Order by Tuesday for delivery by the following Sunday. Tasty, healthy snacks, plus fun activities to encourage children to take an interest in the world – a unique and unusual combination. Subscribe now at Munchachos.

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