REVIEW: Messy Me Oil Cloth Clutch Bag

We were very kindly sent a Clutch Bag from Messy Me to review. We have two little ones in nappies at the moment and our main changing bag is enormous; it’s heavy, bulky and full of stuff that half the time never gets used but I need to have with me ‘just in case’. I do lots of short trips as we have two older children too and most of the time if I am out for less than a couple of hours I will drag the huge changing bag along with me and find that I never need to touch it. The Messy Me Clutch Bag is perfect for these trips; it is made from oil cloth so it is easy to keep clean and you also get an oil cloth changing mat inside which is finished off with clear piping around the edges to match the bag and the bag fastens with a large velcro tab.

The clutch bag measures 30cm x 19cm and I was really surprised at the size of it as I can fit in much more than I thought I would be able to. The changing mat measures 52cm x 41cm which is more generous than most mats that come with changing bags. When I first packed it for a trip out I added three nappies, the changing mat, a few nappy bags, a full pack of wipes and a large bib. There was still room for more and since then I also carry around a muslin and a small bottle of hand sanitiser.

I love the design of the bag as it doesn’t look like a changing bag and the styling of the front flap is a nice touch. I have been using this almost every day over the past couple of weeks, sometimes I haven’t needed it, but I know it is there in the car or the buggy if I do. There have been occasions where I have done a quick trip and decided not to take our big changing bag out, and you can guarantee that one of them needs changing within 5 minutes of leaving so the ease of having this little one is great. It also makes a huge difference to the weight of the buggy just carrying this little bag around. It now lives in the car so I don’t even have to remember to pick it up, I just bring it in to refill it and it’s straight back in there!

The Clutch Bag is £18.50 you can buy it from Messy Me; click here to visit their website and take a look at all the other products that are available. Messy Me specialise in a range of items that aim to keep your little ones mess free and easy to clean!

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