REVIEW: Melissa & Doug – Food Groups

This multi-purpose set comes with 21 attractive hand-painted wooden food pieces and 4 wooden crates, just like traditional vegetable crates. There’s a good variety of different food types, including watermelon, corn, milk, cheese, meat, cereal, fish, eggs and more; they all store tidily in the wooden crates. The set encourages and develops counting, sorting and pretend play skills, as well as an interest in food and nutrition. The set can be used very practically to encourage children to plan a nutritionally balanced meal; perhaps you could select the play foods together, compile a shopping list then go to the supermarket, knowing just what you are looking for.

The wooden pieces are well made and attractively painted, and the wooden crates are charming. It’s a good idea to have the four separate ones, as these give plenty of opportunity to sort into food types, leading on to discussion and learning about healthy food and a balanced diet. The set will make a lovely addition to play kitchens, and encourages imaginative play as well as learning. Young children can start to learn the names of food by using the set, and also practise sorting skills, identification and colours.

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