REVIEW: Maped Jungle Color Peps Felt Tip Pens

I don’t know what is so difficult about putting a lid back on a felt tip pen once it has been used, but apparently this simple task is just too hard for many children (including my own)! The Maped Jungle Color Peps are the answer to this problem with their innovative design which means you will never lose a pen lid again. The pens sit in fixed caps on a flexible base; when the pens are not being used the base can be closed which makes it compact enough to put in a pencil case or store neatly away and when you want to use the pens the base opens up to allow the pens to spread out so they can be easily pulled out. They come in a set of 12 and they are replaceable so you only need to buy the base once which means they offer good value for money.

The pens themselves are clever too as they use a ‘blocked tips’ design which stops the nibs disappearing if children press down on them too hard. Having the pen lids fixed to the base also eliminates the chance of pen lids being put in the mouth and being swallowed which makes this a particularly good product if you have younger ones in your house that might pick up stray lids. The ink in the pens is washable from many fabrics and the 12 included pens are good quality, very vibrant and feel like they will last a long time. These are not only great for use at home, but for taking out and about too and retailing at around £4.00 they are great value for money.

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