REVIEW: Magformers 90 Piece Construction Set with Storage Box

This is an incredible set of construction magnets which includes shapes that we haven’t seen in magnet sets before and they allow you to make some amazing creations. The Magformers magnets come inside their own sturdy, plastic, stackable storage box and toys with lots of parts that come with their own storage will definitely appeal to many parents. Inside the box you get 90 magnets in various shapes; triangles, squares, cones, pentagons, spheres, hexagons, rectangles, isosceles triangles, trapezoids, diamonds, sectors, super sectors, arches and super arches. There is a comprehensive booklet inside the box which guides you through making each design by showing you which magnets you need and the steps to take in order to complete it. There are also a variety of net designs which are made by laying the magnets flat on the table or floor and then carefully pulling them up so that they join together and create a 3D shape.

There is no limit to what you are able to build and create with this set and by making the structures in the booklet you will come to understand how the different shaped magnets work together which will help when it comes to designing your own structures. Magformers are not only great fun but they are also an excellent educational toy; they inspire creativity and help to develop fine motor skills as well as teaching children about the properties of magnets and supporting 3D brain development. Shape and colour recognition are other benefits along with size comparison and symmetry.

Magformers are made from strong plastic, the magnetic pieces are safely sealed inside each shape and made from neodymium which is known as harmless to human health. My mini reviewers absolutely love playing with magnets, they have made some of the models in the book, and plenty of others that they have designed themselves. There is at least one point during the day that this box of magnets comes out and I think it is because this large box gives them limitless possibilities so they never tire of trying to make things. Magformers are for ages 3+ but under close supervision my 2 year old also finds them fascinating and will sit for just as long as her older siblings building things, I also find them quite relaxing to sit and play with! There is a huge range of different sets of the Magformers website so do take a look!

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