REVIEW: Lucky Gecko Discoveries

See our exclusive special offer below. We received two boxes from Lucky Gecko and were impressed as soon as we opened them. They offer two options, each with a range of topics. The first we explored was the Sleuth Bumper Pack, perfect for aspiring detectives and all children who are keen to understand the world around them and are always asking questions. The pack is inspired by detectives and code crackers and will encourage children to think logically to solve problems. With Alan Turing recently voted the most iconic person of the 20th century, here’s the chance for children to follow in his footsteps and explore codes and ciphers. The task is to identify the culprit in a fictional criminal investigation. The activities will help with the code work which often tested in the 11+ and Common Entrance exams, but have huge benefits for every child. The set includes a Sleuth booklet with activities, challenges and competitions;  Intruder Alarm kit; which shows the science of circuits MadLibs vocabulary game with all the puzzles related to the theme; Invisible Ink pens; Morse Code kit to make secret messages; a reading book related to the theme (ours was Knightley and Son by Rohan Gavin),  3 Where’s Wally postcards; good luck charm (ours was a Tintin figure) and a themed bookmark and badge. A parent pack is emailed at the same time, which explains all the academic benefits of the items and activities.  It’s all attractively presented in a sturdy cardboard box which can be used to store all the components together. The mixture of products enclosed is excellent, covering a wide range of activities and it represents good value for money – £35.95 February 2019.

Each large box is also available as three smaller packs,  each containing a booklet which is tailored to a particular learning style, as well as one key educational item related to the theme. It’s really good to be able to choose in this way.  We were sent the Curiosity Ornithology Pack which contains: Curiosity booklet; flying ornithopter model; origami paper and exclusive, themed badge. There is also a  parent pack email with this. Again, it’s a good balance of activities and the booklet is full of activities as well as suggestions on using the pack content. The packs really do help children understand the concepts and inspire them to explore and discover; there are activities they can enjoy on their own and also some to share with parents, which is a good balance.  They are good value at £13.95.  Also available are packs themed on Kids Rule which are designed to get your child feeling really good about themselves! Find out more on the Lucky Gecko website and choose your box(es) here. Don’t forget to check back too, as they promise new boxes are on the way. Lucky Gecko have generously offered a 15% discount code for our readers. Just enter the code PARENTS at checkout. Valid until 31 January 2020.

Lucky Gecko say: “Learning should be an adventure which will last a lifetime. It is what makes the world exciting. The more we know, the more we want to know. The more we search, the more mysteries we find. We believe that we need to inspire the next generation to think differently about their education and take back control of how they learn. Lucky Gecko Discoveries want to get children connecting the dots between what they learn at school and the world around them. Knowledge doesn’t (and shouldn’t) break down into simple, separate chunks that we can choose to like or not, be good at or not. Geography is History, History is Literature, Music is Maths and Sport is Science. Everything connects, and finding those connections is both inspiring and empowering. Our boxes will teach children about the world, about themselves and about others. But they will also give them the confidence to be curious, to dream and to think for themselves.” We love these boxes and they fulfil those aims excellently. The best thing we can do for our children is to inspire them to love learning and these boxes are a superb way to do that.

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