REVIEW: Love Bombing by Oliver James

Love Bombing is a technique said to reset the emotional thermostat of children that have issues that could range from temper tantrums to perfectionism. The book starts by describing the simple process that is Love Bombing and explaining the psychology behind why it works. The following chapters give many example cases of Love Bombing in action, each has a different situation; the age of the child, their behaviour, upbringing, whether they are older, younger or middle siblings etc. along with the successes of each story. You don’t have to read the book in chapter order, and can instead choose to skip to the chapter that you think relates best to your situation.

Written by Oliver James, who has trained as a clinical child psychologist and has become a best-selling psychological author, the simple language used makes it accessible to all parents wanting to reconnect with their children. The book gives you a step by step guide on how to best achieve results, but the author also takes in to account that each family has a different situation so it is not always possible to use the ‘model’ Love Bombing theory, and instead suggests other ways in which it can work if the effort is put in. A really fascinating read which I would highly recommend to all parents, as you don’t need a child with any concerns to use this technique in order to better your relationship with them.

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