REVIEW: Little Box of Books Subscription

Little Box of Books is a new monthly subscription service which focuses on bringing the very best of inclusive children’s books to your home. They want all children to be able to relate to the characters and situations they see in the books as they read and learn about the lives of others. So you can expect a carefully selected selection of books with strong storylines and good illustrations; stories that children will enjoy over and over again (and adults will be happy to read over and over again!). Multicultural and diverse characters will play a strong role and characters incidental to the storyline will show the world in all its multicultural and diverse brilliance. Gender equality will feature as will all sorts of family situations along with greater visibility for under-represented children. These are excellent aims and the pack we received certainly lives up to them. Our pack was for 0 – 3 year olds and the first thing that struck me was the beautiful wrapping of the books – a real treat for children. I love to encourage the giving of subscription boxes as an on-going gift and the wrapped books are perfect for this.

The first book was Clive is a Nurse which uses a role-play scenario to show Clive looking after a diverse range of toys, encouraging empathy as well as modelling play ideas. The second book was Wheels at Work: Construction, where children can lift the flaps to see a range of vehicles at work being driven by a cross-section of people. Lastly was The Drum, a vibrantly illustrated multi-ethnic story that encourages children to move and play along with the beat of the drum. It’s a good variety of books and an activity sheet is included for The Drum and Construction to increase the value of the books. There’s also an A4 reading record so children can keep track of their reading. The pack included a colourful pair of maracas, ideal for playing along with The Drum, and wax colouring crayons. The inclusive nature of the books is what sets Little Box of Books apart and it is an important issue in our modern society – there are some interesting points made on the Little Box of Books website. It’s a varied selection of books and just right for the age group; the additional gifts make even more fun for children and I know they will be excited to look forward to receiving one of these boxes every month.
There are three subscriptions to choose from 0 to 3, 4 – 7 and 8 – 11 (coming soon). Each includes up to 4 beautifully wrapped brand-new titles plus puzzles and activities; a reading record and progress stickers; a free gift and learning guides and lots more to help children make the most out of their reading experience. The costs from £18 a month (March 2019). For every monthly box of books you buy, Little Box of Books will donate an additional book to their charity partner, Doorstep Library. Choose your subscription here.

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