REVIEW: Leap Frog Sweet Treats Learning Cafe

The Sweet Treats Learning Cafe from Leap Frog lets your child become a barista! This is a really interactive toy and has lots of great features. It comes with:

Coffee Machine

Two Cups – one large and one small

Two Plates

A milk Jug

A Sugar Bowl

A Sugar Spoon

Pastry Plate

3 Desserts – Circle Doughnut, Heart Biscuit and a Triangle Cake

The pastry plate holds the three deserts and the two plates can either be used as a saucer for the cups or a plate for the deserts. On the front of the coffee machine is a dial with the numbers 1 to 5, these are for choosing the temperature of the drink being made and they will help your child with number recognition and counting. The red button in the centre of the grey buttons is the ‘order’ button. If you press this you will be given an order to get ready e.g. “We have an order for a treat with blue icing, help me get it” or “one large coffee, help me get it” as well as “we have an order for hotter drinks, turn the temperature dial to 4”. Two of the skills your child will gain are learning to compare shapes and sizes as they are told which size drink that they need to prepare as well as memory skills as they remember what they need to do.


The other buttons surrounding the order buttons are for a babychino, hot chocolate, coffee and espresso. Once you choose the drink, or use the order button to take an order for a drink you place a cup on to the grey part of the base, it gently clicks in to place. There is a big yellow button on the top which when pressed makes the sound of coffee beans being ground and you can see the coffee beans vibrating so it makes it quite realistic. One of the really clever parts is that once the cup is clicked in to the machine, press the red star button on top and a light will shine on to the cup and it will magically fill up! Unfortunately it doesn’t fill up with real coffee, but it does pop the pretend coffee back up so it looks like the cup is full again.

On the side of the machine is a milk frother, stand the milk jug under it and press the small red button with a milk jug on it and you will get the sound of frothy milk being made. The sugar pot and spoon help with the role-play fun and the plate of deserts will aid your child with shape recognition, colours and counting. The last button is a music button which plays a selection of catchy and upbeat songs for your little one to bop along to. The cups can also be kept neatly on top when not in use.


My mini reviewer has been playing with this all week, she loves role play and has got to that age where she has started to want to do what grown ups do too. It is aimed at 2 years and up but my little one is 18 months and although she doesn’t understand the voice commands yet she plays with it really well, knows what she should be doing and loves bringing me cake and coffee.  I think this is a great learning toy, it does so much and your child can play with it alone or with friends. There are two things that I think would make this toy absolutely perfect; changing the sugar pot and spoon in to a sugar shaker jar that makes a noise when pretending to pour, and making the milk jug more like one of those disappearing milk bottles that you get with toy dolls so it looks like the milk is disappearing when poured in to the cup. Adding these two features would bring just a little more to an already great toy. The Leap Frog Sweet Treats Cafe currently retails at £24.99 and is available from all good toy stores.

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