REVIEW: King Pong from Drumond Park

Another fun new family game for Autumn 2017 from Drumond Park. There’s no hanging around with this game, as everyone plays at the same time. Suitable for up to four players age 8+, who vie for supremacy as they frantically scoop up and bounce a multitude of coloured ping-pong balls towards the King Pong cube – using one hand only! Great to develop manual dexterity. It’s a super ice-breaker for parties and family get-togethers. The aim of this fast-paced game is to get rid of your five coloured King Pong balls as quickly as you can – by bouncing them into the plastic cube faster than they can roll back out into your tray. All the players racer to fling their balls onto the table so that they zoom through the holes in the sides or the top of the cube.

The problem is, you are racing against the randomising pyramid within the cube which pings the balls back out into your tray. It’s definitely one of those games where practice makes perfect, and we soon found we were building in a strategic element so our opponents’ balls were thrown out; be warned – it’s highly addictive, as you strive to complete the game ever more quickly. And in case you want some variety – each player’s balls are a different colour so that you have the added option of inventing your own rules and extending the game play should you so wish. Fast moving family fun that very quickly engages all the players. Buy it here:

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