REVIEW: Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2

Children love feeling like they have similar gadgets to grown ups and this funky Kidizoom Smart Watch from Vtech does just that. The watch is easy to turn on and the first time you put it on you are immediately greeted with a screen where you can set the time and date. One of the first things we noticed is that the screen is surprisingly responsive for children’s tech and the touch screen resolution is great. The menu has big buttons which make it easy for children to navigate and use and flicking through the options is a breeze due to how responsive the watch is.

The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 isn’t just a watch; it has an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, video recorder, pedometer, there are games to play and it has two cameras! My mini reviewer loved the augmented reality game which uses the camera to help children find and catch monsters, this also encourages children to keep active. You can use the Silly Yourself app to add special effects to your selfies, which you can then use as your clock face. By sliding the screen either up or down with your finger you can turn the sound on and off or it will read you the time out loud. There are dozens of clock faces to choose from that you can either have displayed in digital or analogue and the watch is easy to put on with its large rubber strap and big holes. The watch has a rechargeable battery and comes with a micro USB charger, this can also be used to download photos from the watch to a computer.  The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 is aimed at children from ages 4-12, and comes in blue or pink, instructions are included in the box and it currently retails for £35.99.

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