REVIEW: Kazoops! New Episodes

What is Kazoops?

Monty Kazoop, the little boy with a vivid imagination and a loyal pet pig, is back with brand new animated adventures in Kazoops.

Monty Kazoop is a spirited boy of six, whose best friend is a pig called Jimmy Jones. In each  episode Monty confronts a preconception about the grown-up world and sets out to challenge it, embarking on a wild imaginary adventure with Jimmy that offers them a fresh perspective.

In each episode Monty and Jimmy use their imaginations to find ways to look differently at the world around them. For after all, who says the world works the way grown-ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine…

Kazoops is aimed at children aged 4-9 and shows on CBeebies. The new episodes start airing from October 18th 2017.

Review: Episode #64. Car Trip

We have been watching one of the brand new Kazoops episodes. My mini reviewers are a 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl. At the beginning of the episode we are introduced to Monty and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the pig. Monty’s mum is a delivery driver and Monty wants to join his mum in delivering a parcel for the diner. His mum agrees, so Monty, Jimmy and Violet (Monty’s mum) all head off in her car. Along the way Monty points out lots of things he can see around him like all of the trees; he takes pictures with Jimmy and is very excited to be going to work with his mum!

Monty thinks his mum does the best job in the world, but she says that when you do it every day, it is no longer fun. She gets annoyed when they get stuck in traffic, but Monty is keenly looking out of the car window as there are just so many things to see!

Monty ponders “Do things really become dull if you do them everyday? Just imagine…”

Monty then goes off in to his imaginary world with a song that reminds you to ‘appreciate what’s great about the things you do’ and to ‘enjoy the parts that make you smile’. When he returns from his imagination, Monty tries to convince his mum that her job is still fun and points out what the interesting parts of it are such as: the mystery of what is in the parcel being delivered, getting the package to the client on time, and how pretty and amazing the world is around them.

Violet then changes her outlook and is now seen to be happy and laughing about her job while driving to the diner. When they get there they are allowed to open the parcel they are delivering, it is full of balloons for a birthday party! They stay for a milkshake after their hard work.

What Did We Learn?

Both of our mini reviewers picked up that Monty’s mum thought her job was ‘boring’ and ‘not fun’ because she did it everyday. I asked them what could make her job fun again and the answers were “she could look outside when she is driving so she doesn’t get bored” and “she gets to deliver fun parcels and sometimes she gets to open them and have milkshakes!”

I asked them both what their favourite bits were and they were the song in the middle of the episode and at the end because it had a “happy ending”.

I love that these Kazoops episodes each have an important message to put across, and most importantly is that they manage to do this in a very short space of time with each episode being just a few minutes long. This means that the story is straight to the point with no time for distracting from the message and no time for children to forget what they are hearing. It is very easy for young children to understand but still captures the attention of older ones. The animation of Kazoops is lovely, it is fun and colourful, and very engaging.

You can find Kazoops on Facebook Kazoops, Instagram @kazoops_official, and Twitter @_Kazoops.



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