REVIEW: John Adams Rainbow Science Kit

You’ve only got to watch children playing with bubbles in the garden to see how fascinated they are by the wonders of colour – and as they enjoy colour, they are learning important scientific principles that will support KS2 learning. Rainbow Science includes five wonderfully colourful experiments to encourage children to learn about and marvel at the world of colour. The experiments are thoughtfully designed to replicate real science experiments and this ties in well with the curriculum for scientific exploration, investigation and recording and teaching important principles. The experiments are – blow a cascading rainbow of bubbles; paint augmented reality rainbows in the air; create a magical unicorn hologram, make a colourful amulet and create a bright walking water rainbow flower; they are suitable for age 8+, although younger children will thoroughly enjoy doing them with adult help.

Everything you need is included except for straightforward household items – washing up liquid and sugar. The pack includes rainbow wand and stickers, bubble blower and cap, flannel piece, hologram stage and stickers, rainbow amulet and lid, pipette, scoop, suction cap and cord, walking water container and felt wicks, yellow, red and blue colouring plus clear and easy to follow instructions, which also set out the scientific principles behind the experiments.

All the parts are of good quality, strong and robust; the good quality and scientific accuracy means the equipment could be kept after use to form part of a science kit collection. The set also needs the use of an Android or IOS smartphone and a download of the free app (to avoid disappointment, although this is mentioned on the box, it could be highlighted more prominently). This is an excellently thought out kit which is a good combination of fun and learning; a great way to increase interest in science and to encourage children to think about the world around them.

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