REVIEW: Itsy Blitz Portable Baby Food Blender

I was really excited to receive my Itsy Blitz in the post as we are currently weaning baby number four, so not only have we had lots of weaning practice, but it also means that we have a busy household so we love products that make life that little bit easier.

The Itsy Blitz is a portable baby food blender, it has a rechargeable battery so you can take it out with you as well as use it at home. In the box you get the Itsy Blitz blender unit, charging base, plug (with adapters for other countries) USB charging cable, blender blade, blender bowl, spoon, carry pouch and instructions. I followed the instructions to charge the blender before we started using it and I decided to use it at home a few times to get to grips with it! I had made a large batch of bolognaise earlier in the day for everyone else so I decided to try and blend some up for our youngest. I filled the bowl around halfway, as directed, and then added some water so it wasn’t too thick.

The blade screws easily on to the bowl which you then slot on to the blender. Press the button to blend the food for a few seconds at a time. If it gets stuck you can simply take the pot off and give it a bit of a shake to dislodge any bits that have got stuck and then carry on. We are a couple of months in to weaning so I didn’t blend it in to a complete puree, but kept a little bit of texture. I was really impressed by the end result as it was so evenly blended.

Over the following days I also blended cheesy vegetables as well as fruit with some yoghurt instead of adding water. I made these with varying degrees of smoothness, the Itsy Blitz leaves you in complete control of how pureed or how lumpy you want to make your baby’s food. This means that the blender won’t just be useful through those early weaning days, it will grow with your baby as they are able to eat more textured foods.

So, after using the Itsy Blitz at home, we ventured out with it! We live near the coast and love taking walks along the seafront and going to the arcades with the children. There is a very child-friendly cafe close to the beach which we will often eat in so this was where we tried it out for the first time. Our second youngest is only 20 months so she can eat most things from a children’s menu but often won’t finish them (especially if there is a long wait and she’s filled herself up on biscuit bribes). I ordered her a tomato pasta dish so I could steal a bit for the baby. I used the Itsy Blitz in the exact same way as I did at home and slotted the pot on to the blender after filling it with the pasta dish. Just 15 seconds in the blender created a dish perfect for the little one and I could feed him straight from the blender bowl. I usually have a spoon with me but if you do forget one then the Itsy Blitz also come with a spoon that attaches to the blender unit so it doesn’t get lost. We were inside so I did wonder if the blender would be noisy, or if anyone would notice us using it, but it wasn’t too noisy at all and we didn’t disturb anyone. You can screw the bowl back on to the blade to keep it tidy until you get home to wash it. I must say that I felt really good that the little one’s meal was essentially free, and it also meant that no food was wasted.

You will save a huge amount of money if you would usually use jars and pouches; on average a pouch of food (one serving) costs around £1.50. If you use two of these a day for just six months it would cost you almost £500. I made a large lasagne this week that made two servings for all three children and two adults, I also made three small portions on the Itsy Blitz. It was impossible to work out the exact costs as I didn’t use full packets of ingredients, but at the very most each baby portion was 20 pence, which would be make it just £73 for the same period.

Every part of the Itsy Blitz is dishwasher safe (apart from the charging base and the main blender unit) which is always handy and the carry pouch is great for keeping everything together, you can grab it quickly as you leave the house and it stays charged for several meals so you don’t need to worry about getting it out to charge it all the time.

With our eldest child I had loads of spare time, I remember spending hours in the kitchen cooking, blending and freezing huge batches of food every weekend so the baby always had home-cooked, nutritious meals and I knew exactly that was in each one. With baby number two I had less time but I was still cooking every night for the older one so I would use a small kitchen blender for making the meals smoother. However, this was frustrating as it never got the food that smooth and the odd jar of food did creep in here and there. With baby number three there was very little home-cooked food. I would cook for the older two but I often just found that a lack of time stopped me making anything from scratch and the small blender I had used in the years before had long broken. The Itsy Blitz blender has really made it possible to start giving our baby better food again; the bowl makes the perfect amount for a portion size, it is quick and easy to use, it works extremely well to evenly blend all types of food that are put in it and the fact that it is portable means it can go wherever you go!

The Itsy Blitz blender is available to buy on the Itsy Blitz website, Amazon and It currently retails for £39.99, a fantastic price for an item that will save you time and money!

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