REVIEW: Hot Wheels Extreme Action Scorpedo

Hot Wheels toys have been popular in the children’s toy vehicle department for decades and I can see why with the Scorpedo car from the Extreme Action range. It is grey with chrome effect claws, wheels and engine, orange and yellow detailing and orange buttons on top which sets off the scorpion style tail.

It has a motorised drive; press the orange buttons on top to set the stinging tail in to action and watch the eyes glow yellow as it drives off! The stinging tail will whip up and down for a few seconds and the claws will open and close several times while playing realistic car sounds and music. There is however a mute button on the bottom which will stop the sound effects being played, but still allows the stinging tail to work.

There is a lot of fun to be had from this toy and the high quality means that this toy will be durable, there are four other vehicles to collect in the Extreme Action series – Street Creeper, Sharkruiser, Turboa and Vampyra, each with a different special action.

The Hot Wheels Scorpedo from Toy State requires 3 AAA batteries which are included and it is aimed at children of 3 and over. The Scorpedo retails for £19.99 and can be found here at Argos.

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