REVIEW: Hipp Organic 10 Month+ Jars

Hipp Organic are a family-run company who have been producing baby foods for over 60 years. Hipp Organic jars are made with the finest organic ingredients that are gently steam cooked to maintain all the goodness and flavour to provide your baby with the best possible start to weaning and beyond. Hipp Organic have enhanced its range of jars with an exciting new look, the range of jars now includes a mix of improved recipes and new flavours to keep little ones happy through their entire weaning journey.

We have spent the last week reviewing the improved Hipp Organic baby food jars. As my mini reviewer is just 11 months old we have been testing out the 10 month+ jars. We were sent a delicious selection of meals:

Pasta Bake with Fish

Potatoes & Tomatoes with Chicken

Wholemeal Spaghetti with Vegetables

Cheesy Spinach Tagliatelle

Risotto with Turkey & Vegetables

We started off by trying the potatoes & tomatoes with chicken, and I can already see how the improved jar labelling is making it clear what the ingredients are with the images of a potato, tomato and sliced chicken shown on a clean white background. The jar is also clearly labelled for 10 months+ so it is easy to pick out the correct stage for your child from the supermarket shelf. You can feed directly from the jar but I often find that it doesn’t all get finished in one sitting so I use a bowl and gently heat for a few seconds in the microwave. The rest of the jar can be stored in the fridge for later on (make sure you use the rest within 24 hours).

The meal is the perfect consistency for the recommended age, slightly lumpy but also soft so it is easily chewed and swallowed. My mini reviewer polished off this bowl of food, so I can only assume it was very tasty!


We have worked our way through the other jars and all have been happily eaten. I would say that the favourite seemed to be the Cheesy Spinach Tagliatelle!

Along with the new labels and recipes the jars now also have a wider neck for easier spoon access and the size of the jars are specifically portioned to align with the total recommended energy requirements for each stage of weaning. The jars are recyclable and are safe to warm in the microwave before feeding. Hipp Organic food jars are a great way to know that your little one is getting the nutrition that they need during the weaning stage. They are especially good when they contain more unusual ingredients that you may not necessarily cook at home, or think to include in your baby’s diet. As they can be fed straight fro the jar they are convenient to take out with you. Even if I only plan to be out for half an hour I always like to keep baby food in the changing bag with me all the time as you never know when plans can change and you might get delayed somewhere!

Hipp Organic started off producing formula milks, which they still do, along with a wide range of baby foods which are suitable right from the start of the weaning journey, right up until the toddler years. These include pouches, jars, fruit pots, tray meals, cereals and drinks.

We really enjoyed trying out the Hipp Organic jars, and knowing that the ingredients are good quality and organic means I can be sure my little one is eating well.

Head over to Hipp Organic to see their great range for yourself and to find out more about them. Hipp Organic jars and other baby foods and formulas can be found in all good grocery stores and pharmacies.

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