REVIEW: Helix Slush Puppie Pencil Case

This cup shaped pencil case features the famous and much-loved Slush Puppie branding in Blue Raspberry colour – the most popular flavour. It’s really attractive and eminently practical for use at school or home. The pencil case cloth is covered in a protective coating ensuring it is durable and hard wearing. This is a really good sized pencil case with a large single compartment; so often, pencil cases just aren’t big enough for all a child’s writing implements, but this definitely is.  I also like the fact it stands up in use, making it easy to select the appropriate pen or pencil.

The metal zip around the top opens out almost fully, and the top is padded so those crayon tips won’t get broken. Slush Puppie first arrived on the scene in the 1970s and has since grown into an internationally-renowned brand, popular with children and teens. A practical and well designed pencil case that will have instant child-appeal due to the branding and the friendly Slush Puppie it features.

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