REVIEW: The Happy Book Club

The Happy Book Club is a family run book club that encourages a love of reading in children. They have packages suited to everyone and all of them include two carefully considered, beautiful books, plus a creative activity sheet and a little gift. It’s more than just a book club. Children will love to open the carefully wrapped parcel, and the big benefit of subscription boxes is that they are a gift that keeps on giving, with something new and exciting every month. We received the Tiger-themed package. The books sent are chosen to be age-appropriate from a selection, and they are all listed in the information sheet that comes with the pack. The theme is different every month – some past themes are Environment, Home, Discovery and Colour. It’s a wide range which means every month there’s something quite different to look forward to.

Along with the books is a pack of postcard-sized safari prints, lolly sticks and goggly eyes, along with a range of craft and activity suggestions, plus a mention of the current month’s charity, Tiger Awareness. A charity donation is given for each box and this links to the theme of the box.

The selections are carefully thought out and the extras do add value and increase interest. There are lots more ideas on The Happy Book Club Blog too. Subscriptions are flexible – you can opt for a one-off box (Halloween, Bedtime or Dinosaur themed, for example). Or you can buy subscriptions varying from one month at £15.99 to 12 months at £159.99. It’s a lovely way to encourage children to really enjoy reading. The regular arrival of a package builds up anticipation and these are a perfect gift. Find out more and subscribe at The Happy Book Club.

The first book is ‘There’s a Tiger in the Garden’ by Lizzy Stewart. Nora’s too old to play Grandma’s silly games- fancy saying there are dragonflies as big as birds and plants that swallow you whole. But even when Nora meets a grumpy polar bear, she is still convinced there couldn’t be a tiger in the garden…just a minute, though – what’s that? Imagination is a powerful thing, so when Grandma says she’s seen a tiger in the garden, maybe she could be right. Nora cleverly turns the tables at the end of the book, too. Observant children will spot all sorts of things in the garden, all wonderfully depicted in pictures that are full of texture and movement.

The second book is ‘The Secret Life of a Tiger’ by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz This book has wonderfully vibrant illustrations by Emilia Dzuibak which really capture the attention. Tiger tells his own story – he is a cat with simple pleasures, like chatting with friends and enjoying a little snack here and there. But he has a very different life at night and he hopes everyone will love him because of it. A charming, funny and warm-hearted picture book that reminds us that sometimes animals (and people) behave in unexpected ways.

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