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Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly. Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. All of the products meet and, more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. Hape toys are designed first and foremost for children. Each product is developed to enhance a child’s developmental skills. Neither language, nor culture, nor gender impedes the intuitive play patterns. What children see as fun, parents and educators recognize as age-appropriate learning basics; social, sensory, physical, and emotional skills. Using natural materials, water-based paints, and strict quality and safety standards make every Hape toy an investment kids will love and parents can trust.

Shape Sorter Xylophone

This is a lovely bright toy that will have instant appeal for its target age range of 12+ months, with a clever combination of xylophone, piano and shape sorter. There’s plenty to keep toddlers happily occupied as they try out the five note xylophone and learn about colours and shapes. The set includes a beater which neatly and safely attaches to the xylophone with an easy to use strap to save it getting lost. Use the beater to play the metal notes, or press down on the various shapes to make the sounds. The xylophone helps to develop colour, shape and sound recognition, encouraging the beginnings of making music. Just like all Hape Toys, it is made with a commitment to sustainability, compliant with international safety and quality standards. The edges are gently rounded for complete safety and the whole toy is really well made and sturdy. I like the fact that all Hape toys are securely packed, always arrive in perfect condition, but have none of these fiddly ties and other fastenings which can make children really impatient while they wait for Mum or Dad to disentangle them. This lovely colourful and well-made toy really does encourage the natural love for learning and discovering that children have at this age. It’s bound to be a big hit!

Sushi Selection

There’s a really contemporary feel to this unusual addition to children’s collection of foods – and a lovely change from the norm. Introduce the delights of sushi plus the skills of manipulating the two pairs of chopsticks included for your little one to enjoy with a friend. Served on a wooden stand with wasabi and soy sauce, this is a playful introduction to new types of food – playing with new foods encourages children to try them, so once your child has had fun with this, do encourage them to try sushi next time you go shopping. The set contains a soy sauce bottle, 2 pairs of chop sticks, 2 dipping bowls, a wooden serving board and 11 wooden and fabric sushi pieces. It’s all packed into a take-away style paper bag, which looks great. The set encourages creativity and fine motor skills, develops the imagination, encouraging children to play alongside friends. Each piece is well made and apart from two felt items, from FSC-certified wood. The pieces are attractively painted and the whole set is really effective. Great to use alongside other food sets, this is a lovely and unusual set and will provide plenty of talking points.

Train Track Puzzle

There are two elements to this train track puzzle, suitable for children of 18 Months plus. First, connect the train and drive it around the circular track. Then take the train apart and place the engine and two carriages on the right spots in the central puzzle, thereby encouraging the development of fine motor skills and problem solving. The pretty track is park-themed and helps learning about shapes along with offering fun playtime. This is a well made toy; the pieces slot together easily and stay in place during play. The track is made of plastic with a wooden insert in the centre and a raised section; there are two end pieces to keep the trains on the track. There is a wooden engine with two carriages. This compact set makes a lovely first rail track for young ones and the carriages slot into the centre for neat storage.

Friendship Puzzle Blocks

This beautifully made and decorated wooden block puzzle has the option of creating six separate puzzles, giving children of 24 months upwards plenty of puzzle solving fun. Each puzzle creates Pepe or one of his friends, made up of nine sapeare blocks. Each has a distinctive coloured background to help young ones find the pieces. As with all HAPE products, this is made with a commitment to sustainability and is compliant with international safety and quality standards. The animal pictures are gorgeous, really appealing and the blocks are weighty and satisfying to play with. A lovely first jigsaw puzzle.

Teddy & Duck Bath Mitt Set

Help to make bathtime enjoyable for everyone with this fun mitt pair. Children will find it fun to wash themselves by popping soap into the mitt – either use a bar of soap inside it (but remember to take it out!) or pour in a little liquid wash. It helps to make bath time fun and engaging for children from 12 months. There are two parts – the large one is a lovely teddy bear mitt with various textures in the soft cloth; he is big enough for adult hands to use to wash little ones. The second is a cute little duck mitt, just right for small hands. A lovely way to make bathtime even more fun.


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