REVIEW: Hape Tito Pull Along Toy

We love wooden toys, and this gorgeous pull along toy from Hape is really different. Tito the Turtle has a green shell on his back that is filled with a dark green liquid that slowly sloshes from one chamber to the next.. The shell cleverly moves round while Tito is being pulled along which your little one will find fascinating.

Tito is very strong, sturdy and of the high quality that you would expect from Hape products and the bright lime green colour is very attractive. The shell has four compartments inside in which the liquid can move in and out of as Tito moves. The tail on Tito twists and the shell is removable so your little one can take a closer look at what is going on inside.

Tito is aimed at children of 10+ months as it encourages them to learn to walk and balance. You can watch your child work out that they can make the water go in a different direction by making Tito go backwards. This is a really lovely toy and one that would also make a fantastic gift. Tito currently retails at £14.99.

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