REVIEW: Hape Monkey Pop Up Track Toy

Children love the unexpected and they will be giggling away every time the little yellow vehicle passes along the track and the three cheeky monkeys pop up and out. This is an accessory to liven up your railway track and is fully compatible with Hape rail tracks, so makes a great extension. The banana car is magnetic so easily attaches to other vehicles. As the banana car passes, the monkeys pop up and try to catch it, adding a fresh dimension of fun. It will spark the imagination.

Of course, like all Hape toys, this is made with a commitment to sustainability; compliant with international safety and quality standards. The quality is excellent and the toy will prove very durable. The majority of the banana car is wood, with some plastic, and the monkeys (who have lovely cheeky, friendly faces) and the track are wooden. The toy is suitable for 18 months plus, and it’s good to see children of this young age engage with the fun – it’s great to share with older siblings and their tracks too. It’s a toy that will help develop fine motor skills as little ones re-insert the monkeys. They will soon be counting to three too! A super toy, whether used as a stand-alone or as part of a set, it will provide hours of fun.

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