REVIEW: Hape Mini Band Set

This 5 piece set consists of: a rainmaker, ukulele, tambourine, clapper and a rattle. Each item in the set is of the excellent quality that we have learned to associate Hape toys with and each item is decorated with white musical notes and bold colours. This set can be played with alone or your child can play the instruments with siblings and friends to create their own mini band which will expand on socialisation and sharing skills. The Ukulele is a great size for toddlers and has real tuning pegs so the sound can be adjusted; the instruments all make a relatively low noise which every parent will be glad to read! Toddlers and young children are more likely to be heavy handed with their toys, but this set of instruments all feel very robust and I don’t think that they would get damaged easily, they are also lightweight which makes them easy for children to play and hold. Hape toys are made with sustainable materials and any plastic parts are made to be durable so that the toys are passed down through families, rather than being thrown out. The Hape Mini Band Set is suitable for ages 3 and over, my mini reviewers are 7 and 5 and they have both been playing with it together as well as by themselves, so it is a toy that will give years of enjoyment.

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