REVIEW: Hape Checkout Register

This wooden cash register is a lovely traditional-looking toy, complete with abacus. Cash or credit? No problem – this till accepts either, giving children the opportunity to learn about different types of payment; you can scan a card or accept cash. There is so much in the box –  a cash register with bar code scanner, card reader, 16 pieces of paper money (just take care with this when inserting into the drawer), coins, credit card and membership card. There are 12 bright red buttons, numbered 1 to 10, and plus and minus; these are easy to use for the recommended age of 3+. Rather than being an electronic adding machine, children need to do the adding up themselves, thus developing their number skills and particularly mental arithmetic – a really valuable skill. This is coupled with learning about money, and adding coins and notes to give the correct change.

The till neatly includes a clip to attach a notepad to help working out; it’s the little touches like this that make all the difference between an average and a good quality toy. Of course, the till enhances imaginative and cooperative play as it is perfect as part of a shop corner. Develop early counting and arithmetic Encourages creativity and role play Like all Hape toys, the till is made with a commitment to sustainability, and it is compliant with international safety and quality standards. The quality is immediately apparent as you unpack the box – there are no rough edges, corners are gently rounded and the paint is vivid and high quality, with lots of different colours to give an attractive appearance. This is a well designed toy that offers a multitude of learning opportunities – numeracy, imagination, cooperative play, role play, fine motor skills are all enhanced in one attractive toy that will get plenty of use; it has all you’d expect from a till and more. Buy from Poppets, price £24.95 (April 2018).

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