REVIEW: Hape Battery Powered Rolling Stock Set

Battery powered trains are always much in demand in our railway set. It seems children can never have too many and having plenty of different styles really adds to the play value of the whole set. They really make children think and anticipate as they set the trains off, making sure there won’t be a collision! This set is extra-special due to the clever actions of the cargo being carried – our young ones loved this. The cargo in one truck bounces up and down, and the barrels in the other spin round and round – and they keep going all the while the train is in motion. A brilliant idea. The engine is bright blue and magnetically couples to the trucks which are green and red – it’s a lovely colourful set. Added to existing rail tracks, the set helps to develop hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination; train sets are great for collaborative play, encouraging children to work together to find solutions and build the best possible track. A super set and with such great added fun value.

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