Hama Beads are small, hollow, melt-together beads that can be used to create wonderful designs and beautiful artwork. Amazingly, despite their really contemporary feel, they were created over 50 years ago – they are the original bead brand. Beads come in three different size ranges, Midi, Mini and Maxi, and in a vast range of colours. They can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and genders. They are easy to use and can be beneficial in a number of ways, including developing creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. We received a lovely selection from Hama.

The 12,000 Midi Hama Beads & Pegboards Storage Set retails at £36.00 (April 2019) and includes a storage Box of 12,000 Midi Hama Beads, and comes three peg boards – a butterfly, a dog and a hexagon – plus design sheet, and ironing paper. The clever see-through plastic box is in three parts which clip together and has a carrying handle. It even comes with dividers to slot in, so all the colours can be kept separate. It’s been really well thought out to make practical storage that is easy to use.  Black, green, purple, orange, blue, red, yellow, white, brown, pink… and more. So many colours to encourage creativity. A coloured leaflet gives sample designs, but after that, children can just use their creativity to make their own beautiful designs. Once the design has been created, and tweaked to the creator’s complete satisfaction, the design is ready to be ironed to make it permanent. With care, the board can then be removed and re-used. We found this did work, with adult help. Buy from Hama Beads.

We also received the 7,200 Midi Hama Beads & Pegboards Pink Set, retailing at £22.00 (April 2019). Along with the 7,200 Midi Hama Beads, it includes a unicorn and medium hexagon pegboards, 6 midi beads supports, string, 2 press pegboards, press pen, design sheet, ironing paper and instructions. Again, careful thought has been given to storage, with the beads coming in a 12 section plastic box. The beads have an extra creative element with this set, as some of the beads are multi-coloured; in addition some colours come in varying shades – there’s a lovely deep red/gold mix too. There are three simple steps: 1. Place the beads on a pegboard. 2. Place the special ironing paper on top of the design and then iron for just a few seconds with smooth, circular movements. After a few seconds, the colour of the beads will suddenly be more clearly visible through the ironing paper; this means that the ironing is finished. We received a pack of sheets of Ironing Paper (£1.25 April 2019) to complement our kits. 3. Leave the design for a few minutes to cool down and then peel it off the pegboard.

If children want some help to get started, the set includes a design sheet to create a three different unicorns, a cat, flowers, sloth, flamingo and more… and then the child’s imagination is free to roam and create whatever they like. The beads can be moved around before being ironed, so perfection can be achieved! As well as using the beads on the peg boards, they make lovely necklaces and bracelets. Buy the set here.

Finally, to complete our goodies, we received the Pegboard Blister Pack. (£7.50 April 2019). This includes five geometric shapes – square, circle, hexagon, heart, star plus ironing sheet – lots more creativity to enjoy, extending the value of the other packs. The Hama range is HUGE! There are masses more sets to choose from, so do have  a look through the Hama website. Hama beads are wonderful – they offer hours of non-messy creative play opportunities, with excellent results of which children can be really proud.

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