REVIEW: Haba Terra Kids Marble Games

Children can enjoy traditional marble games indoors and outdoors with this colourful set. With its neat string bag, it’s great for travel too. The pack includes instructions for game ideas inside and outdoors and there are 22 colourful glass marbles for the games – black, orange, green and white. For the volcano game, choose how far from the volcano each player wants to be – this allows adaptability for children of different ages/skills. There are three approaches to the volcano which offer different challenges. The winner is the first to get their marbles in – three marbles equals one white marble; two white marbles and you’ve won.

Other games are Barrier and Boule – and there’s plenty of scope for children to use the marbles for other games, perhaps introducing other elements from around the house and garden. make a zigzag alleyway with sticks; set up a mini obstacle course; blow the marbles along a smooth surface… Lots of potential and a nicely made product that will give hours of gentle traditional fun, helping to improve dexterity and imagination.

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