REVIEW: Haba Terra Kids Magnifying Carousel

Encourage children to explore our natural world with this extremely lightweight and easy to take along magnifying carousel. Children will be fascinated to see everyday creatures larger than life. It’s a practically designed piece of kit that will make children feel like real explorers with its aluminum snap link for hooking on to backpack or Terra Kids Explorer’s belt. The set includes a rotating magnifying glass and six containers and it is all neatly packaged into a mesh bag with a draw string. To look at their discoveries, children need to collect insects or other natural items and store them in the containers. The containers simply slot out for filling; once replaced, the magnifying glass swivels around so the objects can be examined. When not in use, the magnifying glass slots flat.

It’s a really nicely designed piece of kit which works effectively to encourage children’s love for discovery. Remember to remind children to only keep the creatures for the minimum time possible to look at them, and then release them. Simple to use and effective, this is a lovely way to introduce children to the world of magnification, and to show them how amazing things are when magnified. It can be used indoors too – plenty of things around the house that can be examined. At KS2, children will be encouraged to make and record their own scientific discoveries, and this is an excellent way to support that.

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