REVIEW: Googly Fruit Organic Snacks

Googly Fruit Organic are on a mission to help children make a lifelong friendship with fruit and vegetables. They make eating fruit and veg fun for toddlers with their range of tasty and attractive 100% organic fruit and veg snacks.

We were sent a delicious box full of goodies to try out. Inside the box we received a selection of Crunchy Puffs, Real Fruit made Crunchy, Squeezy Pouches, stickers, googly eyes and a brilliantly illustrated alphabet book to help children learn about different types of fruit and veg. I had no problem finding testers and soon had my 6, 4 and 1 year old mini reviewers trying out the snacks!

Crunchy Puffs: These are a great alternative to crisps, they are air-puffed bites which are coated in tasty carrot powder and a few drops of sunflower oil. We tried them in Corn & Carrot, Corn, Banana & Strawberry and Corn and Tomato flavours and they were all equally popular. The serving size is just right and they are healthy as well as delicious.

Real Fruit made Crunchy: We had a packet of strawberry snacks inside our box, they are made from 100% fruit pieces which have been freeze-dried to make them in to crunchy bites. I really like these as the children feel like they have had a bit of a cheeky sweet treat but I am happy knowing that they haven’t had something filled with sugar. My mini reviewers enjoyed the texture of these as they start off crunchy and then feel like they melt in your mouth a little once you start eating them.

Squeezy Pouches: These pouches contain 100% fruit and veg, and just like the other Googly Fruits products they contain no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives. They also count towards your child’s 5-a-day and are perfect for taking out and about with their spill-free pouches. My youngest reviewer tried these pouches out for me, and although she can’t talk yet, she didn’t leave a drop in them so I would say they are pretty tasty too!

The design of the packaging is very appealing and fun, the snack flavours have been formulated for young palates and the size of the pieces are designed for small hands. The fruit and veg all have names such as: Carl Carrot, David Dragonfruit and Suzie Strawberry.

I am a parent who is often concerned about what is in the snacks my children eat and I was very impressed by the Googly Fruits range. All the snacks we tried were thoroughly enjoyed by my mini reviewers and they had a giggle at the googly faces, as well as making a couple of their own!

Googly Fruit Organic snacks are available to buy from Ocado, Superdrug, health stores and other independent retailers. For more information, along with fun activities then head on over to


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