REVIEW: Gelli Worlds Dino Pack

This is a lovely opportunity for children (3 and above) to use their creativity to make a play world which they can then enjoy for imaginative play. It is a really innovative product and one that children are going to love. The pack contains 5 sachets of Green Gelli Powder, 8 brightly coloured dinosaur figures, plastic trees and an inflatable play tray. To get going, blow up the inflatable tray (just a few puffs and you’re done) and fill it with water. Then pour in the Gelli powder and you almost instantly have a wobbly jelly – a great transformation that takes place really quickly. It makes a great prehistoric swamp and the set offers plenty of opportunities to teach children about the dinosaurs and their world. Parents will be glad to know that there are no harmful chemicals, the product is 100% degradable and environmentally friendly – and, contrary to possible expectations, it’s amazingly mess-free. To dispose of it once the fun is over, simply flush down the toilet, ideally diluting it a little more first. The Gelli products are fantastic for sensory play (and this makes it a particularly good toy for children with a range of learning difficulties).


Zimpli Kids kindly sent us three more packs in addition to the Dino Pack. Glitter Slime Play turns water into glittery slime, all squishy and slimy, which kids will love. It’s available in pink and blue. I think it will be great fun for outdoor water play in the summer. Children disappointed there’s no snow? Snoball Play turns water into a year-round snowy experience. The ‘snow’ has a lovely texture – a sensory delight. Make your own snowballs by simply adding together to the Snoball Play Powder and you’re ready to make snowballs and go outside for a snowball fight. The product is biodegradable (as they all are), so environmentally safe. Gelli Play turns water into bright red goo – simply add some powder to warm water (you can add more or less, so you can choose your own consistency) and watch it grow into fun squelching goo over a few minutes, stirring occasionally. Colourful and easy-to-follow instruction leaflets are included with each product. Slime is a big thing at the moment and children love it. It provides the opportunity for seemingly messy play that really isn’t that messy, making it a hit with adults and children alike. The wide range of Zimpli Kids products is great and gives lots of scope for creativity and imagination.

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