REVIEW: Gelli Baff & Slime Baff from Zimpli Kids

Now bath time can be even more fun with the sensory play value offered by Gelli Baff and Slime Baff. These magical products amaze children as they turns the bath water into a thick colourful goo or slime which are great fun to play with. Try using some plastic or silicone kitchen utensils to give scope for lots of fun. Once bath time is over – and if you can persuade the children to get out of the bath! –  simply add some more water to the Slime Baff to dilute it, or add the dissolver powder to turn the Gelli Baff back to water – this is included in the pack – there’s a good science lesson here. Slime Baff and Gelli Baff offer 100% safe bath time fun which is non irritant, environmentally safe with no harmful chemicals . They are totally degradable. We received packs in Oozy Red Slime Baff  and Swamp Green Gelli Baff – Princess Pink and Goo Blue are also available. You don’t need to limit this to bath time use because they work well dissolved in a bowl of water,  especially good for outdoor summer play. This gives the opportunity for lots more imaginative play, such as a prehistoric swamp or a farmyard pond, using plastic toys for even more fun play value. A fun product.

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