REVIEW: Foxy Pants from Drumond Park

Oh no! The Fox is in the hen house, snapping up the chickens and stuffing them into his capacious pockets. But there are hilarious consequences – when there are too many chickens, his baggy green pants will fall down, triggered by pressing on his head, and the chickens will escape! This is really fun and very effective as the chickens fly out. And then there’s a scramble to pick up as many chickens as possible, using one hand only; the winner is the first to collect five chickens in their coop.

This highly entertaining game which will be a real hit with children is suitable for up to 4 players, aged 4+; it’s definitely one which appeals to a child’s sense of humour and the element of suspense is just right for the age group. There’s an added element of fun in that the starting player is decided by who does the best chicken impression. The cartoon style characters are great fun too. The game is very simple and quick to play and children will happily play with friends as well as with adults. It’s great for developing quick reactions and you can be sure of plenty of laughter.

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