REVIEW: Four books from the editors of Teen Breathe

This is a striking and eye-catching collection of books, with a presentation that will have immediate appeal for teens. And the content is equally practical and appealing, addressing some of the many concerns teens have in our modern world – the content certainly lives up to the visual appeal.

Be Brave

Be Brave helps teens to build self-confidence, inner strength and resilience by tackling a range of topics that are common in our society. It’s wide-ranging and the clear contents page makes it easy to select an appropriate topic. Topics include bullying, peer pressure, confidence, changing situations and public speaking. The presentation is excellent, with colourful illustrations reflecting the text, making the book easy and interesting to use. The advice is practical, non-patronising and suits girls and boys. Published by Ammomite Press, May 2019, 97817814872.

Be Kind

This book encourages teenagers to think of others, and is full of empathetic suggestions that will promote that aim. Written in clear accessible language, it is packed with practical advice on topics including listening, celebrating difference, being truthful, siblings and prejudice. With supportive, unpatronising and gender-neutral editorial, the Be You series offers conceptual and delicate illustrations that invite readers to reflect on the many changes and challenges affecting them. Most importantly, it celebrates individuality, boosting self-esteem. This innovative approach, informative and engaging, makes these books an empowering tool that will be welcomed by teenagers, and praised by parents and teachers alike. Teen Breathe magazine promotes mindfulness for a happier, healthier, more fulfilled teenage life and covers subjects as diverse as social media, sport, crafts and meditation Published by Ammomite Press, May 2019, 97817814896.

Be Happy

The emphasis in this title is that happiness comes from within, and there are many suggestions to help teens generate that inner contentment and happiness. Written from the teenage perspective, the authors at Teen Breathe show great insight into how young people think and act, and they will respond well to this approach. Standing out from the crowd, being brave, pursuing passions and goals… these are just some things that can bring happiness. The book is realistic – it accepts that we cannot be happy all the time, but gives practical suggestions to maximise the joy of life. The series will make excellent prompts for PSHE work in schools, and the books are excellent value, meaning that schools can, hopefully, purchase multiple copies. Published by Ammomite Press, May 2019, 97817814889.

Be Calm

Be Calm – not always easy in today’s frenetic world, but calmness is at the heart of mindfulness and that is what this book promotes. The hardback covers and colourful page edges make the books attractive and appealing, setting them apart from the norm. The book, like the others in the series, is presented in a series of short articles which are easy to read and full of advice. This is an excellent series of books; books that address contemporary issues in a practical and empathetic way. I highly recommend them as gifts for teens, or to have available in the school library. Published by Ammomite Press, May 2019, 97817814865.

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