REVIEW: First News – The Newspaper for Young People

First News is the UK’s only newspaper for young people, it was founded in 2006 and it creates fresh and innovative news content that speaks directly to young people. This review is based on two copies of First News that we received for review so some features may not be included in other issues.


The newspaper is aimed at 7 – 14 year olds and covers topics that an adult newspaper would,  such as news, sport, entertainment, interviews, puzzles and competitions. There is a ‘quick news’ section inside the front cover which is 20 short news items that you can read quickly yourself and then share with your friends. I really love these bite-size chunks of information as many of them were things that I cannot imagine my child knowing anything about before he read them!

First News covers serious news topics, in this issue there was an article on Syria and the problems there. I thought this was another great feature as I think it is important that children aren’t sheltered from world events when they aren’t very nice, the newspaper explains things in a  simple and easily understandable way which doesn’t sound as dramatic or scary as it might on the radio or on television. The newspaper is laid out much like a traditional newspaper but with brighter and more eye catching articles. The text is kept short or broken up in to boxes which will keep your child’s concentration but there is also a huge amount of information packed in to those small spaces so it continues to be interesting to read.

There is animal news, science news, an interview with a footballer, a ‘what’s on’ guide for summer festivals, a traditional cartoon strip, fun facts, coverage of charity events as well as puzzles, competitions, book reviews and much, much more! There are only a few adverts through the paper which are all child-friendly and relevant to the content e.g. books, theatre workshops and educational subscription boxes.

First News is the UK’s widest-read publication for children and I can really see why, I have enjoyed reading them all the way through and you never get bored as there is such a variety of subjects to read about. I think that if I was a child reading First News then I would feel that it was really aimed at me, it is suitable for a wide age range (7-14) yet each article and feature seems to fit across the age range perfectly. I have found that there is so much to talk about with my child on every page, my mini reviewer is 7.5 and he has absolutely loved reading them. I will definitely be subscribing to these for him as it is a great way for him to learn all about world events, news from the UK and loads of other fascinating facts, features and fun stuff.

First News is published weekly and costs just £19.99 for 3 months, this works out at £1.54 per issue which is an absolutely brilliant price for the amount of content, not to mention much cheaper than some of the magazines aimed at kids. If you subscribe now you can get 6 issues for £0! Subscribe here!

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