REVIEW: Dr Eureka Game

The objective of this fast-moving game is to mix the molecules and master the formula in eccentric Dr Eureka’s lab; how fast can you transfer the molecules between the tubes to become an ace scientist? The rules are simple, so none of that annoying hanging around while everyone tries to assimilate a complex set of rules – you can get stuck into the game really quickly. Basically, players flip over cards and then have to match the pattern shown. Be careful – you mustn’t touch the balls with your hands!

The winner is the first to match the challenge card combination in this pacy fun game that will provide the whole family with hours of entertainment.With 54 different challenges to complete there is plenty of opportunity for different game play every time, keeping interest levels high. The game is ideal for two to four players, age 6+. It’s one of those games where age doesn’t seem to confer any real benefit, meaning everyone plays on equal terms, which is great. It promotes logical thinking, manual dexterity (you need a steady hand) and quick reactions as well as being a super ice-breaker to get all ages having a good time together. Bound to be a games cupboard favourite!

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