REVIEW: Dobble Animals from Asmodee

Dobble Animals is a new addition to the highly popular Dobble range and will especially appeal to children – it’s recommended for age 6+, but we found our 5 year old could compete on equal terms with others. The game is suitable for 2 to 8 players, making it ideal for families or for children’s get-togethers. It’s a fast-moving observation game, rather like an enhanced and more fun version of Snap. Players have to be first to match an identical animal between the cards, shout ‘Dobble’ and put their hand on the card; each has a number of different animals and there’s only one shared animal (out of eight) between any two cards.

The tin comes with 55 colourful and attractive circular cards and a set of rules which includes variants on the game. The game encourages fast reaction skills and observation. Some matches are really easy to spot, others offer a little more challenge, which keeps interest high. The neat packaging makes the game ideal for taking out and about, and with 15 minutes average play time, it’s great to fill in those odd moments. There are many versions of Dobble, so look out for topics that really interest your family.

Thank you to the Blogger Board Game Club for our sample – we really enjoyed it!

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