REVIEW: Dinosaur Costume from Toys of Wood Oxford

This brightly coloured one piece Dinosaur/Dragon jumpsuit comes in green and yellow and has a tail and spine pieces, as well as a snugly fitting hood with padded nosepiece. Sensibly, it is open at the trouser bottom to allow room to grow. The dinosaur costume comes in three sizes – Small (1-2 years old 92 CM), Medium (3-5 years old 110 CM) and Large (5-7 years old 122 CM). This is good value for money and has many potential uses – ideal for dressing up parties or everyday fun. This is a well-made item, one that will prove durable for many wearings. All Toys of Wood Oxford costumes (sold as Fun Play) conform to EN71 and CPSA Standard and are tested by International Accredited Labs. As well as being great fun, dressing up has all sorts of learning benefits. It can be a great way to give a shy child confidence, as they feel more anonymous in a costume; they can develop the imagination as children role play; if they chose to be a book character, they can research the character and read the books; historical research is encouraged when children dress up in period costume – or, of course, as a dinosaur! The lion shown in the picture below is also from Toys of Wood Oxford.

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