REVIEW: Decrypto Game

This is a highly addictive party game where teammates try to transmit secret codes without letting the opposing team intercept them. It’s pacy and fast-moving, with all the players involved all the time which makes it great fun and a good ice-breaker – no time to be shy! The components of the game use anaglyph effects to scramble the codes; words are decoded by sliding the cards into the screen. The game is suitable for 3-8 players, ages 12 and up. The average playing time is around 30-minute… but, like us, you’ll probably get hooked very quickly and want to keep on playing to refine your skills.

The skill lies in giving clues to your teammates that they will understand, but vague enough to ensure sure your opponents don’t get the message, so the better teammates know each other, the better your team will be at the game. This is one where our twins were definitely at a huge advantage! We found it more fun with more players, and it’s definitely a stimulating game that really gets you thinking. Concentration skills will be enhanced, as you can’t afford to switch off. It’s simple to understand and quick to get going, so no frustrating wait while everyone gets to grips with the rules. A really enjoyable game, that gets you thinking, and which works well for the whole family. This will be one of our go-to games.

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