REVIEW: The Curiosity Box

Inquisitive and questioning children will revel in the contents of these exciting boxes which will really stimulate an interest in science. We all know the importance of hands-on learning in science, and the home is the best place to provide this opportunity, where parents can enjoy sharing the fun of science with their children. These boxes make that meaningful and focused. The boxes are curated in Oxford, championed by scientists and explore a different topic each month.

Each Curiosity Box is packed with hands-on activities and collectable lab kit to help children explore the world around them – and beyond. The topics are curriculum linked and are ideal for children between the ages of 6 and 11. The boxes contain everything you need to carry out a range of experiments; by encouraging this, parents will be developing an interest in STEM subjects in both girls and boys. The experiments are great fun to do; although children will be able to do them by themselves, following the excellent instructions, they provide a good opportunity for family time together.

Each experiment in the jumbo box was packaged separately, making them easy to use. Even younger children can have a part to play with adult supervision. We received the Microbeasts jumbo box. This included three full experiments – burping yeast race, disgusting dishes and make a microbe, as well as a molecular model of ammonia and an LED clip-on microscope. There is so much in each pack – below is the make a microbe pack, with everything necessary to complete the experiment, so no need to hunt around for that elusive (and annoying) extra piece. The packs have been really well thought out and the directions are simple to follow.

There are three simple steps to subscribing. Starting at just £4.95, you can choose to go nano (fortnightly or monthly) or jumbo (monthly) – find out more here; buy just one box from the shop or click subscribe and save; then, join the club to get access to support, videos, loyalty bonuses and more! These boxes are excellent – they support the curriculum perfectly and will be a brilliant resource for home educators. Other boxes include super seeds, weird water, cool crystals and amazing air. Children will love the experiments; I thought the ones in our box were really appealing to children, and they will eagerly anticipate the arrival of each box. The perfect way to give a long-lasting gift that is both educational and fun. Find out more and order your boxes at The Curiosity Box. Highly recommended and good value for money.

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