REVIEW: Cool Catch by Tactic Games

A perfect winter game! It’s time to set off for the icy North Pole to see who can catch the most fish. To play the game, just move the colourful characters along their allocated routes, trying to catch as many fish as you can. There’s a catch though – when you go to market, you will only be rewarded for one kind of fish on each turn. This is a really well produced game, with lots of attractive elements – game board, 6 3D icebergs, a polar bear figure, 18 fish tiles, 24 fish tokens, 54 cards and 47 cardboard coins. We loved the six playing pieces – each well-painted person is nicely made out of wood, and the special touch is the fur-lined hood. The rules look quite lengthy but they are in actual fact very straightforward and children will soon pick the game up; best to play with an adult initially, though – the game is suitable for 7+, and it’s one the whole family (up to 6 players) will enjoy. It’s colourful and enticing, and gives parents the opportunity to encourage finding out about the North Pole.

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