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What’s in the box?

180 game cards

6 answer boards

6 pens

1 scoreboard

1 scribble board


Aim of the Game & How to Play:

Be the first player to score 15 points by answering numerical questions within a range that you choose.

The pile of cards sits in the middle of the table, each player (or team) has an answer board and a pen and someone is the designated scorekeeper who gets the scoreboard to fill in! Each card has a question on e.g. ‘Email: In what year was the first one sent?’. Now like most people, I don’t know the exact answer to this, but I could give it a well educated guess, and that is precisely how the game is played! On your answer board you need to write down the range, from lowest to highest that you think the answer falls between. So for the question above I would think that the earliest it was sent was 1965 and the latest it was sent was 1985, take the top of your range away from the bottom of your range and you get the size of your range, which in this case is 20.

Everyone writes their answer down at the same time and you all reveal them at the same time then flip the question card over to see if you were right. You are correct if your answer falls between the bottom and the top answer, or if it matches them. What you are aiming for is to get the smallest range as this means that you get to win 3 points for a correct answer. If the answer falls within your range but your range isn’t the smallest out of everyone then you score just 1 point and if the answer doesn’t fall within your range you don’t score anything. The only exception to this scoring system is that if everyone gets the correct range, the person with the biggest range doesn’t score, this is put in place to stop people from putting 0-the highest number in each round. The first to 15, wins! Once you have played a few times you can use the Confidence Boosts – Copy, Swap and Double. These will give you extra chances at winning by either copying someone else’s range, getting other players to swap boards and if you are super confident of the answer you can try to double your points. Each boost can be used once during the game.

Confident? is suitable for ages 12 and over and can be played with two or more players, either as individuals or as a team. It takes around 20 minutes with a few players but around 30 minutes to play with larger teams. It is really easy to learn the rules and a great game to play with lots of people as it doesn’t take much explaining, it is also far more competitive when played in a team as you ‘discuss’ things that you think you know! The great thing is that you don’t need to know any of the answers, surprise yourself with how much you know by just taking a guess! Loads of fun, this has been our go-to game in recent weeks and we’ve enjoyed playing it just as much with just 2 of us during the last week in lockdown! Confident? retails at £22.99 and is available from all good toy shops and expansion packs are also available!

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