REVIEW: Clickbait The Game from Big Potato

Just the title is enough to make you want to know more! To play the game, players roll five dice and use the letters to create taglines for some of the strangest products on the internet – and there are certainly some strange products here! The rules are simple – just a double-sided sheet, so no lengthy setting up. Cards are placed on the table, a judge is chosen, then the rest of the players (3 to 20 can play) have to write a one sentence advert for the product card from a selection of over 120) randomly selected by the judge. . .but they must use the five letters shown by the dice to start each word. Then the judge chooses their favourite. Then it’s on to the next round, with the winner as judge, until a player has won three rounds. What kind of advert will you write for a Bulletproof Onesie; Sudoku for Simpletons; a Household Pet Communicator or Edible Hair Conditioner? As well as the five dice, the pack includes mini notepads and eight pencils, which is really useful to save hunting around.

The game is created by Germany’s most prolific card game designer, Reiner Knizia. and is one of the brand new party games by Big Potato. The fact there can be so many players makes it great for parties, and it certainly gets you thinking – and laughing at some of the weird and wonderful products. It doesn’t get boring either – every game is different, as each depends on the throws of the five dice. Great fun and generates lots of hilarity.

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