REVIEW: Clever Bear Learns to Count from HABA

This is a collection of 4 games which helps younger children with first calculations and familiarising themselves with numbers between 1-10. Inside the box you get an instruction manual, 3 wooden dice (each with different ways of showing the numbers – fingers, numbers and dots), a counting threader with 10 wooden blocks on and 40 thick cardboard tiles with different pictures and numbers on.

Games include a memory game but there is a bit of a twist with this as the tiles may show the number in one of four different ways; on a dice, on a counting thread, on fingers or as numbers. This encourages your child to learn different ways in which they can count and show numbers. Your child will need to try and remember where certain tiles are in order to get a match so this game is great for memory skills too. Other games include using the counting threader and the dice to secure your child’s knowledge and recognition of numbers as well as a tug of war game using the threader and a basic arithmetic game.

The games are all well thought out, each teaches different skills and are a great way to help teach early numbers and counting, you could also use it to make up your own games as there is scope for flexibility. You can have 2-5 players and the games are suitable for ages 4-8 but with supervision I think younger children of 3+ would be able to play. Everything in the box has the high quality you would expect from HABA products with the pieces made from sustainably managed forests and are all brightly coloured which children will enjoy playing with. Read more over on the HABA website and find your local stockist.

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