REVIEW: Chinese Checkers & Gobang from Toys of Wood Oxford

Wooden toys and games are wonderful to enjoy as a refreshing change from the ubiquitous plastic – and good for our planet as well, of course. Toys of Wood Oxford have a fabulous range and this is another traditional set to give hours of pleasure. The well-finished solid wooden board offers two fun games – Chinese Checkers (60 brightly coloured pegs, 10 of each colour) and 5 in a Row (Gobang) game (30 white chips and 30 black chips).

For those not familiar with the games, clear instructions on how to play are included. Both are very simple to play and children from 6+ will easily pick up the game play – the great thing is that, the more you play, so your strategies develop, making the games increasingly challenging. Chinese checkers can be played by 2-6 players and objective is to move the 10 pegs from one triangle to the one opposite. Five in a row is a game for 2 players. The first one who can get five chips in a row wins the game. These are games the whole family can enjoy together and, with the attractive appearance, you will be happy to leave the game on display. Both games are great strategic and mind games, easy to learn and fun to play.

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