REVIEW: Chewy Moon Snack Boxes

My mini reviewers have been trying out the Chewy Moon snack box. We were sent the Grande Variety box which contains 10 all natural snacks.

In our box we got:

Tutti Frutti: including strawberries, mango, cranberries, raisins and raspberries.

Crack a Beet: organic beetroot crackers.

Jack n Berries: flapjack, strawberry fruit hearts, cranberries and blueberries

Silly Vanilly: energy boosting vanilla cookies.

Freaky Fruits: nutrient full apricot and kiwi strings.

Natures Cherry Cola: natural cola flavoured raisins, cherries and cranberries.

Boogie Bites: mini pesto breadsticks.

Silly Circus: character shaped orange-honey cookies.

Safari Snacks: herb flavoured cashew nuts, popped cheese and pesto breadsticks.

Strawberry Munch: strawberry strings, fruit stars and hearts.

All the snacks have a good portion size, they are designed to keep children going but they won’t spoil a meal. The snacks are all natural so they have no added sugar and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. They are nutritionally balanced and they count towards your child’s 5 a day. The boxes are also age appropriate so they will be customised to contain snacks that suit your child’s age and lifestyle.

The snacks come individually packaged in a cardboard box (these are different colours and have various characters on them) and inside the snacks are sealed and sit on a cardboard tray. The packaging means that you don’t need to put the snack on a plate or in a bowl as the cardboard tray holds them in place.

My two mini reviewers have now munched their way through all of the snacks in their variety box. Every snack in the box was happily eaten, whether it be the fruit based snacks or the more unusual beetroot crackers. They were really excited to see what was in each box and there is the added bonus of a sticker in each snack pack. The stickers can be added to the included sticker book, there are 60 character stickers to collect.

If your child doesn’t like one of the snacks in the box you can go to the Chewy Moon website and rate individual snacks. This allows your box to be tailored to your child so that they only get the snacks that they enjoy, this is a great feature as it is good to be able to try foods that you may not have had before, but if you don’t like them then they won’t be sent again.

Your box will also include an activity pack which has collectible Battle Cards in a ‘Top Trumps’ style format. There is a double sided full colour illustrated comic (a new story every week), a stackable Totem Toy which you can construct and a Brain Busting Fact Card. You will also get a Nutrition Leaflet which lists the ingredients, nutritional information and best before dates.

Chewy Moon offer a range of subscriptions; you can choose either the Petite Box, which contains 5 snacks for £2.99, or the Grande Box which gives you 10 snacks for just £4.99. For each box size you can choose from all fruit snacks, all savoury snacks or for variety (as we had). The boxes are delivered every two weeks, they will be addressed to your child and fit through a standard size letterbox. The subscription is flexible so you can pause or cancel at anytime.

We think the price of these boxes give good value for money, as a parent, you always want to know that your child is eating healthily and the convenience of packaging makes them easy to take on trips or put in a lunchbox. Take a look at the Chewy Moon website for more information.


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