REVIEW: My Busy Bots

We were thrilled to receive two sets of packs from My Busy Bots. My first impression was how lovely and colourful they are, and how attractive the zip top bags are in their bright colours. The first pack we explored was the All Sorts pack, which is a great introduction to the products, with its exciting range of topics to help children (recommended age 4 – 8) explore and understand their world. The first bag is Shapes are all around – a really good topic for incidental learning as shapes really are all around us. This bag helps children to observe and remember by using familiar everyday items and linking them to 3D shapes in our world. Parents will be inspired by the contents to build on learning and they can add their own bits and pieces to extend the value of the contents. Bag 2 is ARE WE THERE YET? which provides an inspiring way to help children learn to write as they drive their car around the track and form their upper case letters, with clear directions on where to start each letter. Bag 3 is Googly eyed monster which develops number recognition and counting skills up to 10.

Our second pack is The World All About Us, suitable for ages 3 – 7. The world is an exciting place for young children; help them make sense of it and make the most of the discussion opportunities offered by these packs. Bag 1 is called Beep beep, choo choo; it brings vehicles to life as children sort the foam shapes into colours, match silhouettes and discover which parts of our world they travel in. In Bag 2: When I grow up, children’s knowledge of jobs is developed and they are encouraged to value and appreciate all of them and understand how they contribute to the community. Bag 3 is Block it. It helps to grow and develop the muscles needed to help with writing and cutting at school. In this My Busy Bots bag children fill silhouettes of everyday objects with brightly coloured blocks.

All the activities are reusable and parents can develop the ideas themselves as well as using the excellent suggestions included in each pack, to suit a range of ages. The brightly coloured bags are perfect for slipping into a travel bag or using in the car – perfectly designed for stimulation when out and about, or visiting – or even when waiting for appointments. Every bag has a practical sheet of suggestions for using the contents, but you are not limited to these – your own thoughts and children’s imaginations will be stimulated by the contents. Between them, these bags develop a wide range of essential early learning skills, including fine motor skills, early writing skills; hand-eye coordination, concentration, problem solving and visual perceptual skills are just a few of them. For full contents of each pack and more information about the skills developed, take a look at the My Busy Bots product page. The sets of three packs are priced at £15.00 (December 2017). An excellent concept, with ideas to suit every child. Attractive and stimulating, we think these are a lovely innovative idea.

Candice and Leanne, founders of My Busy Bots, tell us: “We create Busy Bags containing fun, educational activities that will engage your little ones and keep them occupied… Our Busy Bags can be used either at home or on the go – they’re perfect for keeping children happy and absorbed… As busy mums ourselves we love how they captivate enquiring little minds and encourage time away from using screens! But our bags are not only a fun distraction… Our activities help them discover new topics as well as develop essential abilities (like fine motor skills and visual perception skills). They are not crafts (so they can be used over and over again) and they are not toys. We use items that will intrigue your child – and, more importantly, not stain or make sticky any surface in your home!” Find out more and see all that are available on the My Busy Bots site.

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