REVIEW: BundleBean Go!

I was very excited to be chosen recently as a BundleBean Ambassador as I have been a huge fan of the BundleBean now for many years. Parents in Touch first received one to review back in 2012 when I had just had my second baby.  I had never seen a product like it and from the first time I used it, I couldn’t praise it enough, it was used every time we went out it in the car or the buggy. Fast forward 4 and a half years and we have a 9 month old daughter and boy due in November 2017. This time last year I was starting my baby shopping and one of the first things on my list of ‘essentials’ was the BundleBean. I still have my original, plain black one, for some reason it was just one of those things I didn’t want to part with, but since then BundleBean have bought out some gorgeous new patterns and I couldn’t resist the elephant design!

The BundleBean Go fits perfectly on nearly all car seats, buggies, slings and carriers. I found many foot-muffs that came with buggies I had were too small once the child reached 6 months or so, but the BundleBean fits for years. It is designed with clever zips at each side so the length can be adjusted to fit. Two elastic velcro straps at the top can be attached to your car seat or buggy, the length of these allow it to fit almost any buggy or car seat, I have been through quite a few and I have never had a problem. It is also waterproof with a fleece lining, so it can be attached to the hood of your buggy to keep your child warm and dry.

It is compact too, it can be neatly folded back in to its original packet or once folded up you can use the velcro straps to secure it. At the front of the BundleBean is a fleece lined pocket, great if you are using it over a baby carrier as you can keep your hands warm. You might think that you wouldn’t use a product like this much in the warmer months, but I’ve found that it is still used almost everyday. I do the morning school run with it when there is still a bit of a chill in the air and we live by the sea where it can be quite breezy so it often makes an appearance on a late afternoon walk.

Here is our daughter enjoying an evening seaside walk, kept warm by her Flamingo BundleBean! Use code ‘Darcy’ for 10% off at the BundleBean website!

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