REVIEW: BRIO World Remote Control Train

Remote control trains are our young testers’ very favourite among the trains – they allow them to make the best possible use of the very extensive tracks they create, and they have great fun manoeuvring around the other trains. So this lovely set is a wonderful addition to the BRIO range, that children will love for the way it enhances the play value of their wooden railway sets. Children can control the train just like a real driver, either by using the remote or using the buttons on top of the engine. They can actually make the train go back, stop, move forward, speed up and slow down – and use their judgement to get it to stop at just the right point on the station platform which is a good way to develop motor skills and coordination. With its sound and light effects, which are effective and appealing, this traditionally styled toy encourages imaginative and collaborative play, supporting children’s  development.

The pack includes the remote control, a play figure, train and carriage – these have BRIO’s magnetic couplings so they can be attached to other trains and accessories. The remote needs to be pointed directly at the train, but that’s a good learning curve for children and not a problem. This is an attractive set in bright white plastic with nicely curved edges and an opening roof to the carriage so a figure can be inserted.  The engine works really well, can cope with gentle inclines and goes at a decent speed. Our young testers especially liked the range of sounds and the option to use the remote or control the train directly;  there’s an auto cut-off too – brilliant!  The fact that there are two channels means that two remote control trains can be used at once – a nice feature to top off a really good addition to BRIO’s range.

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