REVIEW: Brio World Central Train Station

BRIO just goes on and on giving – and being received with great joy. Every time you give your child a new piece of BRIO, the play vaue of their whole collection is enhanced, giving them ever more opportunities for creative and imaginative play. All journeys need a starting point, and here’s the set-off point for lots of play. This is the perfect town/city centre train station to fit into the existing tracks (it has double tracks) and to add a urban dimension to play. For extra play value, children will enjoy the wide range of sounds from the ticket machine, which sounds just like a ticket being issued (batteries are included) – and a figure is included to play with this. There is also a clock face with movable hands on both ends of the station building, so children can run their railway to a timetable. The item measures 23.4 x 21.8 x 17.7cm and is of course fully compatible with the whole BRIO range.

The detailed painting on the building gives extra value, stimulating play ideas. BRIO train sets last children for many years – although recommended for three years plus, younger ones will also have great fun, especially playing along with older siblings. The range and versatility of BRIO make is perfect for co-operative play, with plenty for everyone to do. Our BRIO regularly comes out and is set up with a different layout (or one per child, perhaps interlinking) every time. Of course, the station is manufactured to BRIO’s high standards and from FSC Certified wood (although this is largely plastic, including the integral tracks); the colours are bright and bold, there’s never a rough edge to be felt and the toys just go on for ever, with new blending seamlessly with old. The urban look of this station is a great addition to any set.

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