REVIEW: BRIO World – Airport with Control Tower

Would-be air traffic controllers will love this big playset, which puts them in full control at the airport, both on the ground and in the air. So there’s plenty for them to think about and organise, which is great for developing those all-important thinking skills. Sequencing is another thought process that can come into play as children work out what happens if… It would also be a good way to prepare your child for the excitement of flying themselves.

This super set has so many actions that children will enjoy – load up the aircraft; wind the luggage up in the lift then slide it down the chute. The neatest thing, though, is the lamp (batteries included) which just needs turning upside down or shaking to turn it on/off – and it switches off automatically after three minutes. This set has a terminal complete with control tower to spot all the activity, a beautiful red airplane which is really solidly made and which wheels along very smoothly preparing for take-off, plus a complete baggage handling system with two airport staff figures. Integrated with this is a track outside which will, of course, work with other BRIO train sets, making this part of a really extensive play set and increasing the play value hugely.


The whole set is really beautifully made; it’s mainly strong plastic and the wood is, as you’d expect, FSC certified. Substantially made, brightly coloured, this is a toy that will give, not just hours of play, but generations of play, as, like all BRIO products, it’s one to treasure and hand down as the sets build up. It really stimulates imaginative play, with so many different actions to enjoy, to discuss with friends, and to link with other BRIO sets – the play value is limitless.

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