REVIEW: Brio Wooden Pram

This sturdy and attractive wooden doll’s pram is very different to the conventional idea of a doll’s pram, but that makes it much more versatile and gives plenty of opportunities for imaginative play for both boys and girls. This strong red doll’s pram measures 34 x 26.2 x 45.7cm, and is suitable for ages 18 months and up. Of course, it is manufactured to BRIO’s high standards and from FSC Certified wood; the pram is a really bright red, with red and white wheels and a natural and red wood handle. The handle can be put into different positions. It comes almost fully assembled – just one side of the handle needs fixing into position and you’re ready to go.

The pram trundles along very well – it’s easy to push, even for small children, and remains very stable. It’s strong enough to take out and about – perfect for a walk in the park, and very eye-catching with its unusual design. Most doll’s prams are more suited to older children, so it’s super to see this for younger ones. I foresee it being used to transport all manner of things apart from dolls! It’s capacious and would make a great tidying-up toy – ask your little one to go round and fill it with all the little bits and pieces that are inevitably around at the end of the day, and make tidying up fun.

Another good use would be as a shopping trolley – set up shop and invite the customers along, supplying them with their own trolley. It’s a lovely way to encourage role play and imagination, and I think would be really good in pre-school settings, as well as at home.  The design encourages imaginative use, rather than pre-conceived ideas. Find out more about this lovely wooden pram and buy from BRIO here.

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